I bathed my first chickie today

Friday, May 21, 2021

So, I'm a little bit late on this, but 6 days ago we got four silkie chicks from my brother. I've been adapting to chick mom life, but I am super excited about learning how to raise chickens and having pets again.

Today, I bathed my first chickie. She had a piece of poop stuck to her the last few days. I was waiting to see if it'd disappear on its own, but it looked like it was stuck pretty good on the back of her left wing. This chickie has always been the bravest. It was the first to come peck meal worms from my hand. The other girls took another day to get comfortable with me to warm up to pecking from my hand.

The chickie was definitely scared when I picked it up and separated her from her sisters. I brought her to my bathroom sink and dipped her in a warm bath a couple times. Then she pooped. So I had to drain the water and refill the sink. She was really nervous, shaking quite a bit. I cupped water over her back and rinsed her, trying to dissolve the poop on her wing. But it wouldn't budge. I had to kind of rub the poop in my fingertips to smash it and it worked perfectly. I rinsed her, toweled her off, and then held her in my lap for a minute.

I grabbed my hair dryer and placed it in front of her to see. I turned it on and she didn't freak out so I began blow drying her off. She was shaking a bit less now but still very nervous. I had to slightly cradle her neck with my left hand to keep her from attempting to jump off my lap as I held the hair dryer in my other hand. She pooped again on the towel beneath her. I took a tissue and scooped it up, so that I wouldn't rub it all over her again by accident. I continued to dry her off with the hair dryer on low settings. It took a while, but I managed to dry her off maybe 80-90%. I lifted her wings to check underneath and her feet. Everything looked good.

After drying her, I held her in my lap and began petting her, getting her used to my touch. She immediately calmed down. I stroked her back, chest, and head. She snuggled down and was very content. At this point, I loosened my cradle to only gently cupping her chest. I was happy to see that she didn't try jumping off me. She stayed on my lap, enjoying the moment with me. Closing her eyes as I petted her, occasionally opening them and looking back up at my face.

After a nice bonding session, I returned her to her sisters and rewarded them all with meal worms. She stayed by my hand the whole time, not nervous at all. The other girls still timid around me but enjoying the worms. I hope she will be able to teach her sisters that I am ok. I am a bit sad though... now I can't recognize her without the poop on her wing anymore. She blends in with the others. But hopefully she will always be the braver one, coming to me first.

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