My First Cookie Exhchange

Monday, December 21, 2020

A few weeks ago, the sisters and sister-in-laws had decided on doing a Secret Santa and Cookie Exchange. In the past, I've always told or hinted at one person who I had drawn for a name. But not this year, lol. It's highly probably that social distancing helped with being able to keep my person a secret but I don't know, maybe my willpower is getting better.

I also had plenty of time to practice make and decorating cookies. But did I actually practice? Kind of. I tested the viability of store bought cookie dough mix because all the sugar cookie recipes I tried in the past were just terrible. Even with store bought cookie dough, I made mistakes. During my practice runs, the dough was too dry so I made my final cookies less dry and it ended up spreading more when cooked. Mistakes were made, but they were still delicious. Graham chose the cookie cutters and I created the design on top. I am soo thankful that he chose a snowflake and a snowman. It allowed me to use less food coloring and more white frosting.

Overall, I have to say that Christmas this year has been really nice for me. I pretty much did all my gift shopping online. We did a terrible job with opening the advent calendar every day. Some days we'd be making up for some lost days, but it was still fun. I will miss seeing my big family and celebrating it like we traditionally do. But this has also allowed me to celebrate it with nothing too stressful with just my little family of three.

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