Target Dollar Spot Garden Markers

Monday, February 24, 2020

I started seeds in my dining room about a month ago and they've just been sitting there without any labels. Thankfully I was able to keep track of them because I didn't sow a ton of seeds. But I was thinking it would be nice for me to get some plant labels just to help me identify them later on. I initially decided to go to Target to get some wooden popsicle sticks. In the past, I found some pretty great gardening items in the dollar spot so that was the first place I decided to check. And to my surprise, I found these really nice metal garden markers. They might be a little overkill to place into my seed trays right now, so I'll be holding them until I can start transplanting my little guys into the garden. I just wanted to share with you all how excited I was to find these.

I've grown these plants from seed in the past, I can still tell them apart. But if any of you are still unsure of what you planted, whether it's the type or variety of seed, I would definitely recommend labeling them. But check out these really pretty and affordable metal garden markers.

The packaging doesn't tell what it's made of. But to me, it looks like a galvanized metal wire with brass plate. The wire seems pretty strong. But it does bend a little bit when I tried to test it's strength, so be I'll have to be a little gentle when actually driving it into the soil.

The brass plate is bent around the wire to secure it. I really like that. It adds a little bit more strength to the face of the marker. The faceplate is also bent slightly back for easier identification if you were standing. The ends are just blunt cut, and I'm completely ok with that. I don't want to accidentally pierce myself.

Overall, I'm super, super excited that I found these guys. I bought four packs. It comes in a 6 pack for $3 at the Target Dollar Spot. I'm hoping they last me a long time. I am not growing a ton of things this year so I will have extras for when my garden grows. (we'll see... my plan always gets grander as the season progresses.) They have plenty of other garden items and a few other garden marker designs. But this is a classic, simple design that matches my style. The marker is nice and long, so I hope that it will stand up straight and not get knocked down by wind.

Go check out the Dollar Spot and see what pretty things you find. What have you been looking to add to your garden this year? Let me know! I am so excited to get this growing season started!

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